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There are so many different parties working together in the construction industry. From architects to draughtsmen, consultants to construction workers, plumbers to electricians. They all have their 2D plans that are not always compatible. BIM (Building Information Modelling) aims to bring the plans and data from different parties together in one model, accessible to everyone. The planning, construction and operation of buildings and infrastructures are digitally mapped from start to finish. The quality of the data supplied is of course crucial. BIM shares this information with the designated parties via cloud computing.
Furthermore, these digital twins are easier to interpret and can, therefore, be understood by everyone involved in the construction of a road, railway, building and etc.

The worldwide trend towards smart cities is creating an increasing demand for new and constantly updated spatial data for city planning. Data gathered by new technologies are merged for better management of a city, improved services and ultimately to improve the quality of life.

We enter the 3D landscape where everything is glossy and abundantly photographable. Drones offer a solution to map cities. The reliability and integrity of the data are crucial to ensure that the GIS data is complete and accurate. The true-to-life models generated with the UAV’s provide a realistic representation that can be used for infrastructure development, city planning, etc. Welcome to the city in 3D.

If the Internet of Things (IoT) is also linked to this, real-time data can be obtained to improve the performance of public services.

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